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                                                               Code of Conduct for Students and Staff.


Code of Conduct for Students

1.    Nationalism.

2.    Social Harmony.

3.    Honesty and Integrity.

4.    Discipline and Dignified Behavior.

5.    Consider Personal and Institutional Reputation.

6.    Proper Care of building and its resources.

7.    Cleanliness of College Campus.

8.    Six Days working Schedule.

9.    No student shall enter or leave classroom without the permission of teacher.

10.  All the students shall wear their identity cards, slung across neck.

11. Students are encouraged to make use of library, reading room.

12. Students are not permitted to arrange any unauthorized celebration in college campus.

13. Ragging is strictly Prohibited.

14.  Students are required to earn the minimum attendance of 75% in each subject.


Code of Conduct for Staff

1.    Expected professionalism of staff members in various situations, such as interactions with students, colleagues, and members of the community.

2.    Preserve the confidentiality of all College information attained by them in the course of their work.

3.    Avoid conflicts of interest.

4.    Promote a safe and respectful environment.

5.    Maintain a positive and productive work environment.

6.    Pursue ongoing professional development through reading, writing, moral behavior.

7.    Carry out their duties with integrity, care and diligence.



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